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1. PREPARE YOUR STEMS : PRO TOOLS users may send us complete sessions. All other DAWS should bounce each stem to an individual audio file (wav.) Don't change the resolution (i.e. 44.1 kHz 16-bit or whatever is the original recording)

2. WHAT STEMS TO SEND : All vocals (and we suggest 3 to 5 lead vocal stems - all doing the same thing as best as you can). All instrumental (music) stems including drums. We use the music stems as timing reference and to help determine vocal notes and possible harmonies.  We prefer individual stems for each instrument but you can mix them into a stereo file if necessary.

3. Click here to send us your stems:WE TRANSFER send up to 20GB !

(upload files form your computer and insert our email address: (easy peasy)

4. Complete the form on bottom of this page. Give us a really difficult test.

WHAT we will do

1. We contact you to let you know we have your stems and if we have any questions we will ask you.

2. We will perform the various corrections & enhancements and prepare a 20-30 sec sample and send it back to you for your evaluation. We may also offer enhancements that go beyond your original request, things like harmony or background voices. NO CHARGE for any of this.

3. When we send you the examples we will also send you a cost estimate for completing the entire song. The estimate will be in the form of an invoice - if you pay it we complete the song - if you choose not to pay it we do nothing and thank you for giving us a look-see.

4. To proceed we will ask you to pay us the estimated amount and ask you to agree to pay any difference up to 10% of the estimate (up or down). 

5. We will complete the process and send everything back to you via WE TRANSFER

4D Acoustics Submission Form

Thanks for submitting!

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