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You will believe it's YOU but in a way that brings your performance closer to perfection. Pitch and timing are cornerstone components of a stellar vocal. Pitch modulation changes can be subtle or they can totally fix an otherwise untrained voice. This magic (not really magic but it's easy to think of it this way) will impress even the most highly trained ear. Send us your stems and we will send you a 20 to 30 second example from your session. No obligation. If you decide to have us complete the song we will charge you $70 per hour. When we send you the example, we will also send an estimate. We work on an hourly basis and it just depends on how much time it takes. The process is personal by technical musicians and individual to each work and it isn't cheap - but it is VERY VERY GOOD.  



Voice doubling is an age old "trick" of many masters. The best way to do it is to sing the part again "on top" of the original. The second best way to do it is to double your original and insert very small timing, pitch and formant differences. We will analyze your stem and we may ask you to double the vocals a couple times and send those too. And don't worry about timing differences - we can deal with those too.

Pitch Correction

Not autotune! Analysis of your vocal stem(s) with consideration given to the relationship to your music stems is paramount. Sometimes it's better to be slightly sharp or flat! Sometimes that's where the "edge" is. Obvious pitch mistakes are corrected of course. Bending notes is also a specialty. Augmenting slides and changing slide timing is another possible correction/enhancement. 


We all know it's important to follow the beat but seemingly subtle differences can make all the difference. We sometimes "push" the timing for emphasis. It's pretty amazing what we can do here.

Pitch Modulation

Lot's of voices (especially untrained ones) have vibrato issues that make them sound "off". Flattening uncontrolled and uneven modulations will make for a solid more consistent vocal tone. You will hear the change, but it isn't fake. 


It's true that we can create harmonies from your original lead stems. Not all songs benefit from harmonies but a surprising number do. We will suggest and you can decide. 

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